GinST15 Elixir 2 Pack

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The remarkable benefit of Elixir is that it is liquid drops.  They can be added to coffee or water or taken directly under the tongue.  Plus for children or very sensitive adults less drops can be taken which is called titrating the dosage.  You can take it just before bed for moving into parasympathetic rest and recovery mode for a deep sleep and then first in the morning to move into your sympathetic performance mode.  During the day under periods of high stress is another excellent time to take it.

Stress Management as Nature Intended in a convenient and effective dropper delivery.

The GinST 15 Elixir is an exciting breakthrough in flexibility and connivance. By combining Ilhwa's patented high absorption metabolized ginseng extract with organic vegetable glycerine and purified water, we have created a liquid formula that can be delivered in drops.

You can add the drops to water or other liquid or simply take the drops directly under your tongue and then swallow for fast and efficient absorption.


The half-ounce bottle with the squeeze dropper can be carried in a pocket or purse so you enjoy the smooth energy and mental clarity and focus where ever you go. Each bottle provides 60 servings.

Directions for Use:

Take 12 drops per serving. Drops can be added to water or other liquid. For faster absorption, take under the tongue, hold for 30 seconds and then swallow with water. Best taken in the morning and/or before bed, preferably on an empty stomach. Take additional servings as needed. Proven non Toxic by the stringent requirements of FDA Self Affirmed GRAS.   


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