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XTR 10000 Bulk is the 1 Kilogram container of pure Fermented Ginseng Extract to be used for storage and refill.  Your absolute best Value! Just 0.21 per 134 mg serving.

 Let your whole family experience the daily benefits of GinST15 Enzyme fermented ginseng in the most cost effective manner.  This is the pure form of the patented GinST15 Enzyme Fermented Ginseng Extract.  You can use  this for refilling your GinST15 Pure 500 bottle or other bottle of your choice.   GinST15 pure extract is naturally anti bacterial and anti microbial so it will remain fresh and efficacious for several years.

Number One Best Value

XTR Pure 10000 Bulk is one full Kilogram and represent 7,462 servings of 134 mg each.  This works out to just over 21 cents per serving.  It is by far the inexpensive way for you entire family to experience the phenomenal benefits of GinST15 high absorption enzyme fermented ginseng.

GinST15 is a universal product and works wonderfully for your whole family grandparents, parents and children.