Smooth Energy Clear Mind 10 Pack LiquidCaps

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Fermented Ginseng LiquidCaps from 12% Ginsenoside Premium Grade Pure Ginseng Extract: SMOOTH ENERGY CLEAR MIND High Absorption Asian Panax Ginseng Extract Fermented,:Liquid in Caps Superior to:Powder/American/Red Ginseng

Smooth Energy Clear Mind LiquidCaps

These remarkable LiquidCaps have created best of both Convenience and Efficacy. This is the most advance delivery system every created for the patented Enzyme Fermented Ginseng, GS15-4.

 Inside the HPMC Cellulose Capsules is pure liquid form of GS15-4 Enzyme Fermented Extract and Organic Vegetable Glycerin and nothing else.  The HPMC LiquidCaps are vegan and easily dissolve under the tongue.  It is the perfect combination.  Each Capsule is individually packaged.

4 times faster 

  • Each Capsule has Liquid Ginseng Inside tongue 
  • So Convenient just melt under your tongue 
  • Can be swallowed if you are sensitive to Ginseng taste supports your Adrenals  
  • Brings your Body into balance, truly "Stress Management as Nature Intended"

Smooth Energy Clear Mind Enzyme Ferment Ginseng LiquidCaps is finally high absorption high efficacy ginseng that is fully balanced. 
Solve the problem of exhaustion from over stress of daily life.

It Brings you back into balance. 
Ginseng has over 5,000 years of known benefits as the central herb for health and wellness. Finally today the full efficacy of high 
GinST15 is fully balanced as no high heat is used in the processing. 
All key ingredients are retained. 7 Vitamins, 15 Amino Acids, 18 Minerals and Organic Germanium. 

1 Liquid Capsule of Smooth Energy Clear Enzyme Ferment Ginseng Liquid is equivalent to over 2,000 mg of Ginseng Extract! and 4,000 mg of standard ginseng


Doctors have great patient success with GinST15